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Specialized installation – Shower

Note: We are assuming that you have already installed insulation boards. Warmup highly recommends installing insulation boards in shower systems.

Warmup is to be installed above your shower pan.

Although the images below show the installation of one of our mat systems in the shower, the directions below apply to both the mat and loose wire installation in a shower.

You can also view our installation video for this application.

1. With a chisel, carefully dig a notch in the shower step that will contain the wire. Your goal is to avoid sharp bends with the heating wire, no 90 degree up and down angles that would interfere with the flow of the electrical current, thereby cutting off the heat at that point. Tape the wire into place as illustrated below.

NADWS Shower2       NADWS Shower1

2. Install the remainder of the heating system inside the shower itself. Use the same technique that was just described to get up the shower bench. See the following image.

NADWS Shower3

The video below shows an example of installing a mat system in a shower and on a shower bench.