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Installation of Snow Melting Mats/Cable under Pavers


Please refer to the installation manual for more information regarding the installation of this product.

WSM Pavers

You can safely and effectively install Warmup snow melting mats and cables under pavers. The total layer above the cables should not exceed 6”, including mortar, sand and pavers.


A typical installation will start on top of a stamped gravel base. This is usually set up with fine ground gravel called “screed” or simply with sand. It depends on the region, the installer and the pavers used. It can of course be installed directly over concrete or dirt, but check with your landscaping professional.


The cable will lay directly on top of the gravel base. For walkways and simple runs, use the Warmup WSMM mats that come in 2ft or 3ft width. These are common for walkways and tire-tracks on driveways. You can lay them directly over the base as the cable is pre-spaced on a lightweight mesh. 

 pavers 2

For odd shapes and steps, choose the Warmup WSM cable systems. You will need a re-mesh type of support or spacing mechanism to keep the cables apart. You can space the cable at 3, 4 or 5” but no more or less. The most common application is the use of re-mesh with 4” grids where you can tie the cable with zip-ties following the grid.


For smaller installs, a lightweight “chicken wire” type structure can be used as well and cut to the format of your install. Zip tie the cable to the mesh, but don’t over tighten the ties. Simply make sure the cable does not overlap.