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Das 3iE ist ein programmierbarer Thermostat, der eine präzise Temperaturkontrolle bietet. Wir bieten auf dieses Produkt 3 Jahre Garantie.

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Wie kann ich mein System vollständig ein- und ausschalten?

You can turn your 3iE on or off using the button next to the GFCI tab at the bottom. Under your thermostat you will find a flat tab indicating the GFCI status of your thermostat. Next to that tab there is a small button. Hold it for 5-6 seconds to turn it on or off.

Do you have to wire the floor sensor probe that comes with the 3iE thermostat?

That floor probe is an important part of having your floor heating system function properly.  Click “Read More” for details.

How to wire the 3iE Energy-Monitoring Floor Heating Thermostat

Learn how to wire your 3iE and probe for both 120V and 240V configurations.  Always use a licensed electrican.  Click “Read More” for details.

What is causing my thermostat to keep tripping requiring that I press the reset button?

One reason why your thermostat keeps tripping could be that you have GFI on the thermostat and the breaker simultaneously.  Click “Read More” for details.

Can I Install the Thermostat Inside the Shower?

The thermostat cannot be installed in the shower and here’s why.