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Das dünne Heizkabel der Fußbodenheizung ist mit nur 1,8 Millimeter das dünnste auf dem Markt, sodass die Fußbodenheizung eine geringe Aufbauhöhe aufweist. Der niedrige Querschnitt des Heizelementes ermöglicht den Einbau ohne die Notwendigkeit einer selbstnivellierenden Estrichschicht. Wir bieten auf dieses Produkt 30 Jahre Garantie.

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Why does my floor get warmer in some spots?

Your floor can reach higher temperatures in some areas where furniture, area rugs, dog beds or other fixtures are trapping the heat. Click “Read More” for details.

Why does my floor heat unevenly?

If wire spacing and floor height isn’t consistent, your floor may not heat evenly. Click “Read More” for details.

Should I use Self-leveler or Thinset ?

Using self-lever or thinset depends on the type of flooring being installed and preference. 

Once a repair has been completed, can I replace the tile right away?

Upon completion of a repair it is completely safe to apply thinset and tile. Read more.

If I have too much mat or cable, can I cut it?

No, you should never shorten the heating wire. Click “Read More” for details.